what is QB


QuantumBoost™ (QB™) is the only device in the world that increases the energy obtained from photovoltaic modules, by boosting their performance by approximately 10%. The increase in the DC power output of a photovoltaic module is made possible by enabling the PV module to capture hot carriers before thermalization. High-frequency electric pulses are applied to the PV cells. These pulses create metastable quantum states at the energy levels of hot carriers increasing the lifetime of hot carriers from a few picoseconds to a few hundred microseconds. These pulses are created by a thin film coating of pyroelectric material on a glass substrate, which along with electronic circuitry is integrated inside the QB. The electrons’ speed is boosted and their band gap is altered. At this point, the panel can absorb more light, thus improving performance and resolving the traditional problem of the dispersion of energy by solar panels.

Quantum Boost QB


nQB specification and assembly


Mechanical Specification

Length X Width X Height: 12 cmX 10.5 cmX3.8 cm

Length of Cable: 120 cm. Cable length on both sides can be changed and cable assembly can be customized for customers

Enclosure material: Same as junction box (polycarbonate)



Power Source: PV panel. No external power source is required.

Power consumption: 100mW. This power is drawn from the solar panel.

Power consumption: 100mW. This power is drawn from the solar panel.


Operating weather conditions

Temperature: 5 deg.C to 85 deg.C (typical operating conditions: 10 deg.C to 45 deg.C)