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UltraSolar Technology is a Californian startup that is working to improve the performance of solar power plants all over the world. After years of research and experimentation, we have developed an innovative product called QuantumBoost (QB) that increases the energy obtained from photovoltaic modules, by boosting their performance by over 10%. Since 2016, we have collaborated with some of the leading research institutes globally and continue to work with a wide range of solar panel models from international manufacturers.



Installing a solar system farm is a significant financial investment. Solar farms owners and operators generally want to preserve or enhance their investment. UltraSolar QB is a risk-free and cost-effective solution that brings considerable returns in the long run. The device pays for itself in 2.5 years and reduces levelized cost of energy by 10% . In several cases, solar farms that were operating at a loss were made profitable by using the QB.

The list of satisfied customers includes many large and reputable solar companies such as Amplus India, Azure India, Enel, Enzen, Florida Power & Light, Gosolgen India, Silicon International (Odawara, Japan), Sunseap (Singapore), and more.

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More than 10 years of research and development has resulted in the production of QuantumBoost. The product is unique and assures increase in power output of an ordinary PV panel.



The team has conducted several field trials, some in-house at experimental stage and others in collaboration with companies in Italy, Singapore and USA. The results have been unanimously positive across all trials.



The company has partnered with leading research institutions and some of the largest solar power producers who have assisted in conducting intense series of tests at installations all over the world.

Enhancing Efficiency of Silicon Photovoltaic Cells Using High-Frequency Electric Pulses

This paper is authored by Kumar et al. and was published in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Letters in 2016. It presents a method to enhance the efficiency of silicon photovoltaic cells by creating metastable high energy states in the conduction band of silicon with high-frequency electric fields and a theoretical model to predict the appearance of the metastable energy states. This is the cutting-edge technology behind the development of QuantumBoost.

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