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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of the most commonly asked questions about UltraSolar QuantumBoost and have addressed them in detail below. If you have further queries that you can’t find the answers to, please visit the contact us page and drop us a message there.

  • The QB has been created with the intent to be installed on retrofits/repowering solar projects or integrated with PV panels by simple MC4 connections.

  • The installation process is simple and can be carried out by the PV manufacturers or it can even be attached to the PV cables in the field after the PV plant has been commissioned.

  • The QB installation cost varies depending on the area of the solar project and other factors. A company representative will discuss all the details with you prior to contract execution. We give complete transparency in terms of costs and warranties.

  • No. The UltraSolar QB has no damaging effect on the solar panels’ useful life. In fact, due to its ability to increase the number of kilowatt-hours the panel will produce in a given day, it actually increases the lifetime of a solar panel. This has been verified by 3rd party testing performed by Westpak

  • No. The UltraSolar QB product is outside and separate from the solar panel much like optimizers or Balance of System components. Therefore, we believe that it does not nullify the warranty that has been given by the solar panel manufacturer.